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Billet crankshaft EJ25 / 79mm

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Crankshaft for 2.5L EJ25 / EJ257 made of solid billet steel from the aerospace industry. No compromises were made in terms of material quality in order to guarantee the best possible product.
The crankshaft is fully balanced to 0.1 g using the latest Sunnen machines.

Product features:

– Beveled oil holes

– Weight reduction through conical rod bearings
– Crank pin and counterweights drilled to reduce weight and rotating mass
– Double the flow rate of the oil supply

Technical features:

-Multi-stage heat treatment

– Hardened using the ION plasma nitriding process

-CNC processing
– Shot peened
-Magna fluxing for perfect surface quality

– longer life of the bearings through micro-polishing
-Ultra-Sonic tested and x-rayed to ensure a reliable end product

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